The people who are the most talented aren't always the most paid.

Many skilled artists struggle to strategically promote themselves, build the right portfolio, and consistently attract high-paying clients. 

As a result, they:

  • Assume they're not good enough and don't deserve to be paid
  • Work for free or negotiate with low-budget clients
  • Randomly book projects and end up with a portfolio they're not proud of
  • Continue working a full-time job with hopes of someday building a career that's fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable

I get it. I was that same struggling photographer!

When I first started photography, I could barely convince friends and family to let me shoot for free. I didn’t know my ideal clients, where to find them, or how much to charge them. My portfolio didn't reflect the work I wanted to do, and I had no confidence in my ability to book professional projects. Most of all, I was miserable at my job and I knew I needed to figure out how to create a quality experience that would keep clients coming back. Everything changed once I realized all of the mistakes I was making and how to fix them.


I went through years of trial and error to craft the perfect system for pricing, promoting, and producing work that I’m proud of while saving time and making more money than I knew was possible. Now I’m getting paid to travel the world and do what I love.

There were 10 things I needed to master in order to get to this level of success as a photographer.

  • Shift my mindset from being an artist to a business
  • Identify my ideal client and how to find them
  • Craft a unique, personal brand story that sells
  • Build a portfolio that sets me apart from other photographers
  • Understand buyer behaviors and create a pricing structure that sells itself
  • Present my work and story online
  • Gain awareness and trust on social media
  • Build a relationship that keeps clients coming back consistently
  • Build a fool-proof system to make it easy for clients to buy
  • Automate and streamline my workflows to make more money with less work

Mastering these key strategies has allowed me to create a successful and sustainable business. I’ve packaged up everything I know about building a highly profitable photography business into a 10-week mentorship program called the Business Cheat Codes. I’m going to be working 1-on-1 with up to 5 people to directly walk them through the steps I took to accelerate as a creative entrepreneur. 

If you are a skilled photographer and (or) videographer who wants to learn how to establish and grow your business so you can get paid for the quality work that you create, apply to join my business accelerator program.

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