What's the difference between Editing and Retouching?


RAW photos are large image files that have not been processed for personal use. That is why they are not shared with you before post-production. Every frame captured in a session is imported, evaluated, and rated based on quality, composition, and context.



The photos with the highest ratings are adjusted to improve the light, colors, size, and other necessary, general corrections.
Galleries are edited as a set to achieve a consistent artistic style.
Edited photos are ideal for personal use online.

crop, color, & light


Retouching goes beyond editing to refine details while continuing to enhance colors and light.
Ex: skin smoothing, blemish removal, wardrobe fixes, distraction cleanup, etc.
Retouched photos are the standard for professional, business use.

enhanced manipulation

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Retouching Process Explained

After you receive your edited gallery, you have the option to request retouches on your favorite images. All you have to do is click the heart icon to select your first favorite photo and create a list titled "Retouch." Once completed, simply send an email or text to notify me of your request. You will receive an invoice for the order and then the work will be completed after the payment is made.

Corrective Retouching ($45/image) includes in-depth object removal or other specific structural changes to improve a targeted aspect.

Cosmetic Retouching ($80/image) includes skin smoothing, blemish removal, or any other photo manipulation that requires extensive Photoshop work to elevate the entire image.