I'm more than a photographer... I'm a person. And my camera is the best tool to connect me with other people.

On this day, it connected me with Mike and Cami...

NOTHING is more stressful for a photographer than a proposal. Somehow it's even more nerve-wracking than a wedding! I think it's usually because you usually only have 11 seconds to get a full gallery of photos and there's enough unexpected twists and turns that make it very easy to "miss the shot."

As a very creative and thoughtful guy, Mike made sure we got plenty of shots before, during, and after the moment!

This surprise proposal was one of the easiest, most enjoyable, and authentic I think I've ever done. Not only are they an incredibly good-looking and fashionable couple, they also have an amazing chemistry and comfort with each other. The plot was that these two love birds wanted to get a "Farewell Photo Shoot" throughout their favorite landmarks in Atlanta before moving away to New York. In order to keep things simple and under control, I picked them up from their condo.

Our first stop was the High Museum. We took portraits all over the front lawn with the epic white building in the background. Considering this was one big diversion, we didn't spend much time trying to get inside or do anything spectacular. I loved the shots we pulled off in such a quick amount of time!

Our next stop was the old studio space that Mike used to work out of. Again, this was another park on the side of the road and hop out situations. This was a true testament to Cami's status as wifey material, because she went with the flow and was flawless every step of the way! You wouldn't have even known they did a complete wardrobe change in the car! Epic outfit #2 didn't disappoint outside of this colorful, eclectic building.

Our last stop was the only one that (really) mattered. We arrived at Cator Wolford Gardens at 2:20 for him to propose on 02/02/2020 – the first palindrome day in over 900 years. After another wonderful outfit change, I started shooting as soon as we got out the car. This was ultimately to keep her distracted and to prevent anything from ruining the surprise at the last minute. We walked around the corner to meet a grand group of their closest friends standing on an epic stairwell holding a banner to reveal the big question. She immediately burst into tears as the waves of emotions rushed in and through this moment of realization. She politely waved to her tribe of supporters as Mike led her to the bed of rose petals at the foot of the stars. After privately reading an excerpt from his journal, Mike finally got the opportunity to ask the question that had been burning in his mind for months leading up to this moment. SHE SAID YES! and the celebration began. We took pictures until everyone's cheeks hurt, and then started coordinating the afterparty.