I'm more than a photographer... I'm a person. And my camera is the best tool to connect me with other people.

On this day, it connected me with Miosha and many more...

Miosha is a driven, serial entrepreneur with a passion and creative vision that is second to none. In addition to running her own car wash, she is the creator and owner of Rocks and Rainwater - a company that creates and sells hand crafted jewelry line using genuine crystal and stones to promote positive energy, inner peace, strength and spirituality. She reached out to me to put together a brand campaign photo shoot that would feature a wide range of models to get both lifestyle and close-up product shots of all of her amazing pieces. I fell in love with this brand for a few different reasons:

  1. The jewelry looks dope! The first time I saw the matte black bracelets titled "Guarded and Protected" I knew I had to own them. I paid full price for this set that combines the energies of Black Onyx and Hematite Stone. Black Onyx is a protection and strengthening stone while hematite encourages grounding, clear focus and endurance. 
  2. Mimi's energy was undeniable! I could immediately tell how passionate she is about her business and her brand. She really loves people, and the jewelry she creates is an overflow of her mission to transfer positivity in a very tangible way.
  3. The opportunity to collaborate with a group of dope people. My favorite part about this shoot was the mix of personalities we had to work with. It's always fun when you bring different friends together to see how they all interact. Some I've known for years, others I just met through Instagram, but everything flowed magically. We all got along, and they looked great together. Coordinated outfits and rooftop vibes set the stage for some incredible art that will help establish a distinct identity and aesthetic for the marketing and promotion of the brand.

We collaborated on each detail to scout the (undisclosed) location and a group of the best models in the city. The energy on this 5-hour shoot was amazing, and we ended up with over 300+ photos to show for it. There was a range of individual and group shots with combinations of different outfits and settings. We told stories and displayed the jewelry in very unique and compelling ways. Many of these first-time models have continued to work together on different projects and quickly made a name for themselves as the attractive and talented people they are.

Something special I was able to do for this shoot was to bring along some of the closest people to me to help with the shoot. My wife Cass was there to manage the chaos. Taylor came to support her hubby and and hold my reflector better than anybody else ever could. Last but not least, my fraternity brother Dezz came as a 2nd photographer to help get some of the close-up shots of the pieces while I focused on the wider, lifestyle portraits. This session was a HUGE success, and I'm so thrilled by how everything worked out. Follow the brand and all of the models below:














Hopefully they'll post all the pics and run out of content quickly so we can do it all over again!